Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I've been accused of being "one of those" people when it comes to posting about food.

"Oh, you made a delicious meal, and you're now proving how superior your cooking skills are to mine?? Job well done. Congrats."

So yes, I will own it.  I am one of those people. A dear friend keeps asking when I am going to start a food blog.  So yes, this blog will contain food, but a little bit of everything else too.

I love food!! A little too much sometimes...  But more than that I love cooking and sharing with others.  My husband seems to be OK with it.  :)

I also love God.  With all my heart!! My relationship with Him is what sustains me.  My heart is for all to know and understand the precious love of Christ!  I think Paul mentioned something like that...

If the Christian life isn't one where Christ is present in all areas, then I don't see the point. I think James mentioned something like that...

Just living in our own little bubbles won't make a difference for much of anybody in the world.  Including ourselves.  Let's pop the bubbles and step out! Hopefully this blog will be a glimpse into my life as I try and live it the best I know how.

I don't want to seem prideful (I'm so awesome...I'm going to blog about it!!); I just want to be honest.  Because how else will we learn from one another if we are not??

God is for us having happy, whole lives.  A life of faith.  I'm sure I'll be discussing more and more what that means.  Hint - It isn't just wishing and hoping...

But for right now I will end this introductory post.  I leave you this picture of something exciting happening in our side yard.  More to come!!  :)


  1. Welcome back! What you say is so true, Sarah. I want to infuse Jesus in everything I'm a part of!!
    (What in the world is Jordan doing?)

  2. You mean besides fulfilling every little boy's childhood dream?? :)